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Sparring Course F


The following participants have successfully completed the Sparring Course (Fundamental) which was held on Sunday 20 August 2017 at the STF National Training Centre.


A M Aadhityaa Woodlands TKD
A M Aathish'aa  Woodlands TKD
Ambrose William Tang Pak Hong Jurong Town TKD
Ang Jia Yin Jolie Induk TKD
Avril Natalie Tang Shuet Wing Jurong Town TKD
Chan Jiunn Wai J H Kim TKD (Main)
Ching ZongHan Bt Panjang CC
Chua Rui Heng Woodlands TKD
Chua Yu Hung Brayden Jurong Town TKD
Eio Kai Xuan Team Spectrum TKD
Ganesan Kavi Jurong Town TKD
Lew Rui Ling Jurong Town TKD
Lim Cheng Sing Valour TKD
Lim Fu Ming Jeric Woodlands TKD
Lim Zhi Yang Team Spectrum TKD
Liu Jia Bao Eclipse TKD
Liu Jia'ai Eclipse TKD
Low Hon Chong Daren ILDO TKD
Low Shu Yi Laura Induk TKD
Miyashita Himena Meldy Temasek JC
Mohamed Nabeel Mirza Bin Basheer Apex TKD
Ng Jian Wei Team Spectrum TKD
Ng Shi Lei Team Spectrum TKD
Nurnazalin Sabrina Bte Md Nazree Temasek JC
Ong Jing Jie Xander Jurong Town TKD
Pang Wei Qing Jurong Town TKD
Pang Wei Sheng Jurong Town TKD
Pang Zhi Yang Eclipse TKD
Peh Di An Terence Valour TKD
Soh See Yin Hankuk TKD
Sophia Nadilla Bte Muhammod Isa Lee Induk TKD
Sum Wen Zhen Yew Tee TKD
Tan Chee Keong Yongin TKD
Tan Meng Shuang Angelia Team Spectrum TKD
Tan Sin Chee ILDO TKD
Tan Xuan Kai Jurgen Jurong Town TKD
Wong Yew Fei Bernard Stilleto TKD
Yalla Dheeraj Woodlands TKD


Sparring Course F2


Successful candidates will be exempted from sparring when they go for their red 1 to 1st poom / dan grading.