recognized by sport singapore and affiliated to singapore national olympic council
Form download(PDF)Description
Kukkiwon Conversion Application for International (Kukkiwon) Certificate
Cert/Card Replacement Application for replacement of Card/Certificate
Equipment TLoan Application for loan of equipment
Affiliation Membership Form Application for Affiliation
Coach Pass Application for Coach Pass
Courses Registration Form  Registration form for courses.
Promotion Test (Form A) Application for Promotion Test
Promotion Test (Form B) Application for Promotion Test (Red 1 & above)
Referee Promotion-Kyorugi Application for Promotion Test - Kyorugi Referee
Referee Promotion-Poomsae Application for Promotion Test - Poomsae Referee
Technical Form A National Coaching Acreditation Programme - Form A
Technical Form B National Coaching Acreditation Programme - Form B