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Poom Confirmation Form


The Singapore Taekwondo Federation has standardized the completion of the poom confirmation form to help coaches make sense of the evaluation of Red 1 to 1st Poom candidates who have been granted provisional pass.


Based on the attached form, the candidate, Tan Beng Choo, took his first grading for 1st poom under Lim T C who grants him a provisional pass.  Following which, he took his confirmation three times under different examiners – Tan C H, Philip Choo and Tan K H.


The crosses in the boxes and the remarks were areas of improvements written by the first examiner, Lim T C.  Beng Choo’s coach shall focus on correcting the weaknesses for the next grading.  Tan C H assessed the candidate and was satisfied with the areas marked P1 (OK).  The candidate met the requirement in some more items in the next grading as indicated, by Philip Choo, P2 (OK).  The remaining items were cleared by the final examiner, Tan K H, with P3 (OK).


Candidates will only be tested on the items that require improvement.




All coaches are advised not to inform their candidates the results until they are officially released. 


Coaches who wish to know the results early to start preparing their students for the next grading may request to have a look at the results if they have settled the grading fees in full.  This is allowed only at the Secretariat.


Dress Code


For grading, the dress code includes the prohibition on the use of objects such as eyeglasses (during sparring), rings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, earrings and other adornments. 


Irremovable religious item, which is unsafe for the wearer or poses danger to the other candidate, has to be appropriately covered or secured.  The coach is expected to draw the attention of the examiner if such item is worn.


All coaches should inform parents and candidates of the dress code including the wearing of plain white round neck T-shirt for female candidates so that the children come prepared.  In addition to that, coaches should ensure that their candidates observe the dress code before allowing them to appear before the examiners.



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