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More than 125 coaches attended the briefing held on 10 September 2006 at 7.00pm at the National Training Centre.
The briefing started on a poignant note with participants observing a one-minute silence in honour of the memory of coaches and an official of the STF who had passed on.
It was followed by an opening speech by STF President Milan Kwee.  Among other things, he said that he was glad to observe that the discipline of members had improved since he took over the helm.  He urged the coaches to continue to not only inculcate the right values in their students but also serve as their students’ role models.

After the speech, Mr Lim Teong Chin conducted the briefing.  He covered three areas – discipline, best practices and grading.  

Pursuing the points made by the President, Mr Lim appealed to the coaches to help the STF achieve its mission of making discipline a characteristic of taekwondo practitioners.  He believed it could be accomplished with their co-operation and support.



Mr Lim went on to point out the importance of adopting the best practices.  He highlighted some unacceptable practices for the coaches to avoid.

On grading, he talked about what should be done and what not to do during the promotion tests.  He also explained how the examiners assessed the candidates in both poomsae and sparring.

Based on feedback, all the coaches found the briefing to be informative and enlightening.  In short, as Mr Thomson Tan from St Theresa Taekwondo Group put it, ‘it was a very good session’.