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“I feel very welcome by the taekwondo community,” said Khadizatol Kubra (Rose) who trains with her three children, Azmain Eusha, 15, Walin Moorsol, 14, and Kimiya Noor, 10, at Spiker Taekwondo Club in Yew Tee. 

They joined the club in November 2015 and fell in love with the sport as it provided them the opportunity to achieve their goal of not staying fit but also learning the art of self-defence.

Were they disappointed?  Certainly not.  Said Azmain: “We not only enjoyed ourselves practising the sport but also appreciated the quality family time we had together.”


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On 16 October 2016, they took their promotion test at Ang Mo Kio ITE Central.  All of them did well enough to be promoted to Grade 7.  But the grade they accomplished was secondary to their revelling in their well-being.

Azmain pointed out that they had felt very close as a family ever since they took up the sport and could see themselves getting fitter.