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You may be wondering what pancakes have to do with taekwondo.  Nothing.  But when they are made and sold by a Senior Taekwondo Instructor, it has everything to do with our taekwondo family.


Alice Ong, who is a long time taekwondo instructor of Radin Mas CC and an active volunteer of the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF), has decided to try her hand on entrepreneurship by starting a pancake stall at Amoy Street Food Centre, Level 2, #02-97.


On 20 February, 2017 when Granny's Pancake was officially opened, many who's who in taekwondo, including Mr Milan Kwee, STF President, patronized it.  Mr Kwee, a lover and mmm ... self-proclaimed expert of traditional pancakes, gave two thumbs-up after devouring a couple of them. He uttered: "It is among the best I have tasted.  We should recommend them to our members."


Why not?  Hot delicious pancakes handmade by our taekwondo family member.  They should be in your 'must-try' list.  The stall is open from Monday to Friday from 6.30am to 4.00pm.