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Cheok Choon Kiat, a taekwondo member of Bishan Community Club and student of Rocky Go, had received numerous compliments for his excellent customer service as a sale staff of Under Armour in Vivocity.

Some of the compliments received are reproduced below.


Choon Kiat2


Choon Kiat3



Choon Kiat4

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Choon Kiat attributed his demeanour to his taekwondo training.  Said Choon Kiat, “My taekwondo training under Sir Rocky had taught me to be patient, confident, compassionate and understanding.  This has put me in good stead not only in my work attitude but also my daily life.”

Well done, Choon Kiat!  You have done not only yourself but taekwondo proud.  You serve as an excellent role model for the taekwondo community.

Keep up the good work!