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Joo Chiat Place 1


The progress for the alterations and additions to the STF new premises at 35 Joo Chiat Place  is right on target.  Barring any hitch, the operation of STF Secretariat will be at the new building come September 2018,


Here are some pictures of the place as at 23 March 2018.


Joo Chiat Place 2

Joo Chiat Place 3 


The taekwondo community in Singapore should be proud to have the place which we can call it our own.   Some of you may think that you have done nothing.  But remember, as long as you are or have been a member of STF affiliated clubs, you have contributed, in one way or another, some thing ranging from small to  significant to the development of the organization.


In short, all of us can say that we have left a place for future taekwondo members to use for the further propagation of the sport.