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We would like to assure all our members that our statements of accounts are sound.

Allegation 1 (SGD630,000 unaccounted for in STF audited finances)

There was no unaccounted money in the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) audited accounts.  The total reserves for FY14 was $3.810 million as reflected in the audited statement of accounts.   There was, however, a typographical error in the Annual Report which showed $3.180 million.   

Allegation 2 (Different Annual Report Issued)

There is an allegation that different versions of the Annual Reports were sent to members and uploaded to the Charity Portal.  In our normal practice, a draft Annual Report will be sent to members together with the notice of AGM.  In this case, errors were detected and an updated Annual Report was tabled at the AGM and approved accordingly.  The same approved copy was subsequently uploaded onto the Charity Portal.

The Management Committee would like to state categorically that the audited accounts are accurate and true reflection of the STF financial status.

The transposition error was inadvertently made in only one of its Annual Reports.  And that is all.

We welcome members to seek clarification if they are unsure.

The STF reserves the right to seek legal redress on the matter.