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Daniel Tay Xiong Sheng, Xavier Sports TKD Chief Instructor and Fuchun CC PA Trainer, alleged that the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) failed to observe safety protocol resulting in his injury during the grading on 23 December 2017.

In his email of 28 December 2017, he stated: Based on the evidence I have now and advice from my legal counsel, there were multiple safety lapses before, during and after the neck kick, which need to addressed (sic). If not, the next victim might not be as lucky as me to escape death by a sliver.”

He went on to file a complaint against STF to the Ministry of Culture and Community and Youth (MCCY) on 30 January 2018.  This resulted in an investigation into and audit of the safety and risk management measures taken by STF during the Dan Promotion Test on 23 December 2017 by Sport Singapore (SportSG). 

SportSG interviewed 11 individuals including Daniel Tay and visited National Training Centre (NTC) to inspect the safety equipment.  After more than 2 months, in a letter to STF dated 10 May 2018. SportSG concluded that the incident involving Daniel Tay was an accident and the safety and risk management measures taken by the STF was adequate and met the relevant recommendations set out in the Sports Safety Committee Recommendations 2015.

In short, Daniel Tay’s accusations of safety lapses have been proven to be baseless.   His postings in the social media have caused unnecessary alarm, concern and anxiety to coaches and members’ parents. 

It is indeed unbecoming of a Chief Instructor of an affiliated club of STF to blatantly tarnish the image of the sport cast aspersions on the organization which has placed a premium on the safety of the participants in all the activities it organizes. Instead of waiting for the outcome by SportsSG, Daniel Tay had proceeded to post on his social media aspersions that STF had safety lapses.

Members are assured that STF remains vigilant in ensuring safety and have taken all necessary precaution to ensure that the sports remains as safe as it can be.