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Chelsea ST1


Taekwondo is about character building.  This is one of the main reasons why parents send their children to taekwondo schools. 

Therefore, it is important that taekwondo officials, coaches and members continue to live up to its value by not only preserving, protecting and defending the image of the sport but also being role models. 

We are delighted to share with you this article of Chelsea Sim published in the Straits Times of 27 March 2019.  She is a paragon of the sport that the taekwondo community should be proud of.


Chelsea ST3

Most importantly, Chelsea has demonstrated an attitude of gratitude.  She is a complete contrast to a couple of black sheep in the sport who are nothing but ungrateful. What’s more, they have no qualm in putting the sport in bad light for their selfish reasons. 

It is sad to see that they have benefitted from the sport and yet will not hesitate to blemish it.  Their behavior is synonymous to a puppy that has turned into a dog which bites its benefactor.  Fortunately, they belong to the very small minority.

Here are some examples of exemplary members who exhibit true taekwondo values and are doing well in life.

“STF backed me up with sports scholarship to train for Sydney 2000 Olympic. I focused in doing electrical engineering in UNSW but good that I got a bronze in the Asian Championships in 1998 and SEA Games gold in 1999 with all the support from STF and teammates.”

-  S Sinnathurai (SEA Games gold medalist)

“I’m very grateful for the opportunities and the effort the STF have placed in to nurture me into a better player and person I am today. I have taken away with me many valuable lessons that will stick with me through a long way.  It was honestly the highlight of my teenage years to be able to represent the country and to work so hard for my goals. I will still try my best to contribute to STF in appreciation of the Federation has done for me.”

-  Tow Lee Ting (Commonwealth C’ships & Canada Open gold medalist)


“I am extremely grateful for the support and opportunities given to me throughout the years and the experience I have gained is invaluable to me and I will always treasure and be thankful for. The time spent with the team will be an opportunity that I will be forever grateful for and I truly will not be the person I am today without it.”

-  Kwong Shuen (Asian Cities gold medalist & Asean C’ships bronze medalist)


We look forward to having more role models of taekwondo like Sinnathurai, Lee Ting, Kwong Shuen and Chelsea.


Female Team

Chelsea will be heading for Korea for training with Diyanah Aqidah tomorrow under the full sponsorship of the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) in preparation for the SEA Games.  They will be joined by Nicole Khaw who has just started her academic year in Yonsei University.  The STF will continue to invest on deserving athletes.   

Enjoy the article and watch the video on the Singapore Taekwondo Federation Official Gallery on Facebook, learn from it and be a true taekwondo member!