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As stated on 9th May 2019 and 11th May 2019 (link: http://www.stf.sg/localnews/2075-emergency-general-meeting, link: http://www.stf.sg/localnews/2076-correction-to-the-extraordinary-general-meeting-agenda), the Management Committee has called for an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on Sunday 19 May 2019 at 4:00pm at the National Training Centre.

This meeting was convened with the purpose of addressing the suspension of STF’s membership by WT and SNOC.

The Management Committee, led by the President, Mr David Koh, met up with SNOC senior officials on 11th May 2019 and had a productive session on the issue of the suspension and the upcoming EGM.

A subsequent meeting was conveyed on 15th May 2019. As such, with the agreement from SNOC, the agenda for the EGM will be adjusted as follows.

1. Opening Address

2. Background to preliminary suspension of STF by WT and SNOC

3. Acceptance

  3.1. Acceptance of WT Directive for STF Management Committee to step aside

  3.2. Acceptance to allow an Interim Committee to be appointed by SNOC to oversee the management of STF and to implement SNOC’s and WT’s recommendations.

As this EGM is essential to the smooth running of the STF and the development of Taekwondo in Singapore, we will strongly encourage all affiliate members to send at least one representative. We will require you to provide a representative/proxy form to STF’s office by Friday 12pm.

Download this file (EGM proxy form.pdf)EGM proxy form.pdf[ ]34 kB