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Face Kick


Head Kicks

One of the current head kick rules has been found wanting as many coaches are of the opinion that it is not correct to penalize athletes for kicking high even though there is no contact to the opponent’s head.  As the beauty of taekwondo is in its high kicks, the rule restricts the athletes to middle-section kicks and allows them to disregard the need to protect themselves against head shots. 

While they agree that it is necessary to have competitions which forbid head kicks to provide additional safety for the participants, they support the removal of the current rule of giving a ‘Gam-jeom’ for every high kick without contact and disqualifying athletes for accumulating four such penalties.

The new rule will put the responsibility on the attacker to control his or her kicks and the defender to avoid high kick techniques.  Although the defender will win if there is contact to the head resulting from a head shot, we believe that it will not be the way that any athlete wants to win.

In summary, high kicks with no contact to the head will NOT attract a ‘Gam-jeom’ penalty.  However, if any kick touches or hits the opponent’s head, the offender will be declared loser by referee’s punitive declaration.


Coaching of Players

 Coaches are allowed to encourage their players in the contest area to engage in the match.  They are also permitted to shout instructions to guide the players in terms of the use of techniques and tactics.  However, coaches shall not take this allowance to provide loud and excessive coaching.  The referee reserves the right to hand the appropriate penalty based on his discretion if the coach continues with the behavior after being signaled to slow down.


Video Replay

 If a coach believes strongly that his or her appeal for video replay has not been clearly communicated to the review jury, he or she may confirm with the referee.  For example, the coach asks for video replay to invalidate 3 points for attack after kalyeo.  The request is accepted and the referee only invalidates the score without giving a penalty.  In this case, the coach may clarify with the referee in a civil manner if the request has been communicated correctly.  He or she only needs to raise his or her hand and the referee shall approach him or her. 

This new rule is not a licence for the coach to challenge the decision of the video review jury.  If the message to the review jury is correct, the coach shall accept the outcome.  There shall be no discussion or dispute at the arena.   

Note: The amended rules will apply from 1 April 2018.  In order to further enhance the safety of the sport, headgear with face shield will be used for all 17 and under ‘kyorugi’ events together with the implementation of the rules.